LGBT Pre-Nuptial Agreement Attorney

With same-sex marriage being an option it makes LGBT divorce one as well. This is where a gay pre-nup can make the difference protecting your assets vs losing a portion of them.

Being married establishes a contract between a couple in which things are split in half. Regardless of if one of the partners started out with or come into money before the marriage. Prior to having the ability to be married meant that contractually a partner was not entitled to the any or a portion of what the other partner had.

Being able to define who is entitled to what can help you actually be happier in your relationship. Knowing that if things do not work out that you are protecting yourself and your assets can relieve stress about the unknown (even if you don’t believe divorce can happen to you we have a list of clients who can tell you they thought the same thing.

Starting the conversion can be difficult and it is not always what your partner may want to hear. We have worked with our clients and a relationship therapist who suggested the following:

“I have been thinking about our future together and I am both excited and scared. I want us to stay together forever but think we also need to protect each other in the event of a divorce. I want to talk about a legal agreement that will keep us both protected.” (Stay away from the term pre-nup since it has such a negative connotation.)

Pre-nuptial agreements are a good thing and not to be looked at as if you do not love someone. Our pre-nuptial attorneys can help you and your partner protect your financial assets including real estate, investments, income, and more.

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