LGBT Divorce Attorney

Our gay divorce attorneys can help you resolve your same-sex marriage. LGBT divorces can  be more difficult than that of a heterosexual divorce. With all the nuances of a gay divorce you want to make sure that your legal team has the experience and is capable of taking your case.

If children are involved than California typically requires that you attempt to attempt mediation before you go through litigation. A mediator is a third party whose goal is to help you and your same-sex partner negotiate a resolution. The LGBT Family Law Service works with mediator to help make sure they understand LGBT rights.

As a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender individual in a same-sex marriage or registered domestic partnership in California, you have rights and obligations that are similar to that of heterosexual couples when when it comes to divorce. Just like heterosexual couples you can face issues such as property division, child custody, spousal support, complex tax or estate issues, parentage issues and more that are actually unique to same-sex couples.

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Types of Cases Our Gay Divorce Attorneys Handle

Collaborative Divorce

A collaborative divorce occurs when partners agree to work out their divorce settlement without going to court. Each side hires an attorney who will help each party negotiate the settlement agreement. You will meet with your same-sex divorce attorney and then meet with your partner and their attorney.

Sometimes a collaborative divorce will also include other neutral 3rd parties such as a divorce financial planner, coach, or a therapist who can help guide you through child custody, emotionally charged issues, etc.

Litigated Divorce

A litigated divorce is the most common option for divorcees. In general most divorces do not include two people who are in mutual agreement on child custody, the division of their assets and liabilities, how much and for how long alimony payments will be made, etc.