Co-habitation Agreement

An LGBT cohabitation agreement is a legal form of agreement that is reached between same-sex couples who have chosen to live together. The agreement will contain documentation for a same-sex couple who want to live together that also want to protect themselves from the high cost and drawn out litigation in case their LGBT cohabitation breaks down.

lgbt cohabitation agreement attorney contractsThe agreement can be treated similar to that of a LGBT married couple such as when you apply for a mortgage or for working out child support. Although, there are some areas such as property rights, pensions and inheritance where they can be treated differently than that of a marriage.

If the LGBT cohabitation agreement than a partner will not have any rights to financial support or property rights if the same-sex relationship ends through separation or death. The cohabitation agreement provides you with the ability to provide provisions for:

  • Dividing Assets Such as Property and Debt
  • Monetary Support
  • Child Custody and Support
  • power of attorney
  • Healthcare Advance Directives
  • Wills

The cohabitation agreement can also, be viewed like a prenuptial agreement in which the individuals are able to determine in advance who will be able to keep specific assets as well as what will happen to those assets that will have been purchased while together if they end up separating. The agreement has been intended to legally bind both parties.

The LGBT Family Law Service is available to help you weigh your options or create your LGBT cohabitation agreement.

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